Police Department Recent Press Releases


*AlertBe Aware, the IRS will NEVER call you.  If you receive a phone call, it is a 100% guarantee that it is a SCAM!!!!   

Press Releases for the past two weeks are categorized below:

 Attacked & robbed:
/WGPD Press Release 2016-07026 posted 042520161136.pdf

Burglary, et al.: 
WGPD Press Release 2016-08120 posted 042820161010.pdf

DUI, et al.:  
//WGPD Press Release 2016-07522-A posted 041820161047.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016-07025 posted 042520161128.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016-08049-A posted 042620161434.pdf

Prohibited Acts, et al.:
Press Release 2016-06900 posted 041320161222.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016-07376 posted 041920160815.pdf