Police Department Recent Press Releases


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Press Releases for the past two weeks are categorized below:

Request for Public's Assistance:

Witnesses to Serious Crash on Rt. 202 Thanksgiving Eve: 
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-092843 posted 112820161147.pdf

Credit card theft and identifying the vehicle below (please click link below and see page three): 
/WGPD Press Release and Pictures 2016P-052933 posted 101820160839.pdf

Mailbox damage on N. New Street:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-066303 posted 102720160747.pdf


Press Releases:

DUI, et al.:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-082439-A posted 11142016 1154.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-084951 posted 111520161127.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-088015 posted 112120161017.pdf

/WGPD Press Release 2016P-098778 posted 113020160959.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-104416-A posted 120420161128.pdf

Fleeing or Attempting et al.:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-095022 posted 112520161125.pdf

Possession of Controlled Substance:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-087857 posted 112120161024.pdf

/WGPD Press Release 2016P-095983 posted 112820161152.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-089152 posted 113020160952.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-099590 posted 113020160958.pdf

Theft charges: 
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-069829 posted 111120161157.pdf