Police Department Recent Press Releases


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Press Releases & Notices for the past two weeks are categorized below:

Press Releases:

Diesel Fuel leak:

/WGPD Press Release 2017-065553 posted 03072017 1629 hours.pdf

DUI, et al.:
/WGPD Press Release 2017-031048-A posted 020320171145.pdf

Possession of Controlled Substance:
/WGPD Press Release 2017-052739 posted 022320170900.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2017-059591 posted 030320170950.pdf

Theft charges: 
/WGPD Press Release 2017-053656 posted 022420170920.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2017-076931 posted 032220170900.pdf

PFA Violation: 
/WGPD Press Release 2017-049804 posted 022220170930.pdf

/WGPD Press Release 2017-073438 posted 031620170100.pdf
/WGPD Press Release 2017-073149 posted 031720171000.pdf

Aggravated Assault: 
/WGPD Press Release 2017-075732 posted 032220170900.pdf