Police Department Recent Press Releases


*AlertBe Aware, the IRS will NEVER call you.  If you receive a phone call, it is a 100% guarantee that it is a SCAM!!!!   

Press Releases for the past two weeks are categorized below:

Request for Public's assistance in reference to credit card theft and identifying the vehicle below (please click link below and see page three): 
/WGPD Press Release and Pictures 2016P-052933 posted 101820160839.pdf

Aggravated Assault, et al.:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-047342 posted 101320161136.pdf  

Assault/Stolen Vehicle/Hit and Run Accident:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-045302 posted 101120160844.pdf

Retail Theft:  
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-055775 posted 102220160809.pdf

Simple Assault, et al.:
/WGPD Press Release 2016P-054738 posted 10172016.pdf