Police Department Recent Press Releases

 Press Releases

Press releases for the past two weeks are noted below:

Loss of West Goshen Township Supervisor Dr. Robert S. White:
/PressRelease 2014-15226 dated 08132014.pdf

Access Device Fraud, et al.: 
/Press Release 2014-14230 dated 08192014.pdf

Criminal Conspiracy, et al.:
/Press Release 2014-15792 dated 08232014.pdf

Criminal Mischief:
/Press Release 2014-15326 dated 08152014.pdf

Contempt for Violation et al.:
/Press Release 2014-15584 dated 08192014.pdf

DUI & Related Traffic Offenses:
/Press Release 2014-14424 dated 08032014.pdf
/Press Release 2014-15974 dated 08262014.pdf

Drug Paraphernalia, et al.:
/Press Release 2014-15979 dated 08262014.pdf

False Reports to Law Enforcement et al.:
/Press Release 2014-13459 dated 08182014.pdf

Possession, et al.:
/Press Release 2014-15777 dated 08222014.pdf

Simple Assault, et al:.
/Press Release 2014-14815 dated 08082014.pdf
/Press Release 2014-01542 dated 08172014.pdf

Theft of Motor Vehicle:
/Press Release 2014-15511 dated 08182014.pdf

Theft, and Receiving Stolen Property:
/Press Release 2014-07518 dated 08082014.pdf